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Ashley's Project

I went to see Percy at Compton Engineering which is next to a2a.

I made a Spiderman bedstead for my bed back at my house.

I looked like iron man in the protective clothing and mask I had to wear.

The computer talked to me telling me what to do. It sparked like a firework.

I like Spiderman

By Ashley Plowman 

Ashley Spiderman Project

Louis's Project

Carnivals are my favourite hobby and I do them every year.

I have built my own carnival float in the theme of Alvin and the chipmunks and I dress up as Alvin.

I take part in carnivals across Somerset, Devon and Wiltshire from June \u2013 December.

I am the County Cup runner up in the Guy Fawkes Carnival Circuit.

By Louis Gosling

Louis Project

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